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After looking at most graphic viewers, I decided on Makaha for it's rich features and the ability to create instant slide shows. And the graphic file compression and conversion lets me have the best quality at the smallest size possible for my web site.
- Ethan Brice -

EZV Video Capture was just what I needed to get those special pictures from my family videos. Thank you!
- Cindy Thompson -

   Awards & Reviews

Makaha is literally one of the best programs I have ever dealt with in terms of pictures of any sort. The quality of the picture when using it for resizing is absolutely amazing. I have seen excellent artwork from friends done with this program as well. Always best to support a smaller technology group who seems to be ahead of their time by a step or two.
- Andrew Strasser -

FreeFTP Try Makaha free for 40 days! (fully functional) Internet File Transfers

    (see Free Software for other free software)

100% FreeFTP

Languages supported:

English, Français, Español, Deutsche, Dansk, Italiano,
Finnish, Swedish, Portuguese, Brazilian Português!

Just drag & drop your files to and from the ftp sites.
It's so simple to do, and best of all, it's free.

Download Now!
Size 1.2mb v3.2

   Files are virus free, and NO spyware is included in any software!

People downloading from PC World, a REGISTRATION is NO longer required. (3 years ago) Download the latest version from here. PC World is just too lazy to update their files.

  • FreeFTP (tm) is a free 32-bit, drag & drop internet file transfer protocol program from Brandyware Software.
  • Just drag & drop your files to and from the ftp sites. A password can be sent with an ftp request, in order to log on to remote computers. Files can be transferred anonymously, or with a username entered by the user.This program works best in an 800x600 screen resolution.

  • Multiple drag & drop file transfers!
  • NOW supports 10 languages
  • Group file erase, send, receive
  • Checks for duplicates
  • Supports file names with spaces in them
  • Activity log
  • Watch Clipboard
  • Command Line
  • File Size
  • Change screen resolution on fly
  • View pics and html code
  • Create Folders
  • Erase Folders
  • Read Text
  • Rename files
  • Erase Files
  • File Filter (.html;.gif;.jpg;.mpg;.txt more...)
  • Set Port
  • Set Proxy Address
  • Access Type
  • Automatically converts file names to short file names (option)
  • Automatically converts file names to lower case (option)
  • Protocols: FTP, HTTP, Secure HTTP
  • Set Timeout
  • Stopwatch
  • Down/upload alarm
  • Uninstall Included

Sorry, no tech support is given for any of the free software.

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