After looking at most graphic viewers, I decided on Makaha for it's rich features and the ability to create instant slide shows. And the graphic file compression and conversion lets me have the best quality at the smallest size possible for my web site.
- Ethan Brice -

EZV Video Capture was just what I needed to get those special pictures from my family videos. Thank you!
- Cindy Thompson -

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Makaha is literally one of the best programs I have ever dealt with in terms of pictures of any sort. The quality of the picture when using it for resizing is absolutely amazing. I have seen excellent artwork from friends done with this program as well. Always best to support a smaller technology group who seems to be ahead of their time by a step or two.
- Andrew Strasser -

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See EZV details.

        See EZV Pro details.

Take the best frames from your videos, and turn them into treasured photographs.

EZV Video Capture. Just load the video, and capture any frame to a 24 bit graphic.

Videos supported : MPEG-MPG-MPA, WMV, AVI, DivX. Capture frames to files or print captured frames. See EZV details.

VCR style buttons allow you to move one frame at a time, forward or backward. As an option, you can even download videos directly into EZV for frame capturing. Just enter the URL and EZV will run the video. NEW: Resize, Print, and Edit features added.

EZV v3.0 - 3.1mb
Details Windows 98SE,Me,2000,XP,Vista, Win7-10
EZV Pro v2.1 - 3.2mb
Details Windows 98SE,Me,2000,XP,Vista, Win7-10
Download EZV Video Capture Now! Download EZV Video Capture Pro Now!


Makaha, Professional Graphic-Video Viewer.

See Makaha details.

View graphics your way.

With Makaha, you get a graphic viewer, editor, graphic compressor, GIF and AVI animation creator, video viewer, slide show, thumbnail viewer , graphic converter, all in one professional package.

If you're dealing with graphics, why keep switching programs when Makaha can replace all the above programs and more.

Like clickable maps for web sites, or thumb nailed web pages. OR scan and e-mail your photos to friends, and add special effects using plugins or filters. Also Batch rename, convert, resize, thumbnail, copy, move and erase files.

Download Makaha Now! Makaha v6.1 - 5.2mb
See Details Win95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista Win7-10
Free fully functional. All files are virus free and NO spyware is built into the products.


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